Tony Mainolfi (Journalist)

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Tony Mainolfi, the WESH 2 First Alert Chief Meteorologist, became a valuable member of the WESH 2 First Alert Weather team in May 2005.

You can catch Tony on WESH 2 News during weekdays at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. Additionally, he graces the screen on WESH 2 News on CW18 at 10:00. Prior to his tenure with WESH 2 News, Tony held the position of chief meteorologist for a solid nine years at WCHS-TV in Charleston, West Virginia. He also spent some years working at The Weather Channel and CNN in Atlanta.

Tony’s role in saving lives during central Florida’s Groundhog Day tornado outbreak on February 2, 2007, cannot be understated. This catastrophic event claimed the lives of 21 individuals, making it the region’s second deadliest tornado outbreak in recorded history.

Dedicated to the safety of central Floridians, Tony has ventured into the eye of hurricanes alongside hurricane hunters. He even journeyed to Alabama to report on the significant tornado outbreak of 2011. His expertise is affirmed by his certification as a Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) and his seal of approval from the National Weather Association.

Tony’s remarkable contributions have earned him four Emmy nominations. One of these nods recognized his coverage of the central Florida Groundhog Day tornado outbreaks, while the other three celebrated his reporting on severe weather in West Virginia.

Tony’s journey into meteorology started at the State University of New York at Albany, where he earned his meteorology degree. It’s also worth noting that he resides in Orange County with his wife, Jane Ann, and their children, Maria and Anthony. Cheers to the Great Danes!

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