Tracy Hinson (Journalist)

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Tracy Hinson serves as a meteorologist and a versatile journalist at 5 On Your Side in St. Louis. Her forte lies in providing St. Louis with precise and trustworthy weather forecasts, along with captivating storytelling. You can tune in to watch Tracy’s forecasts on Saturdays and Sundays as part of “Today in St. Louis,” and catch her reports throughout the week.

Tracy originally hails from Sunnyvale, California, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. She grew up surrounded by cherry orchards in her backyard, maintained by a neighbor named Charlie, who once advised a young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to “stop playing with gadgets and start mowing lawns.”

Her journey into meteorology began in the fifth grade when she witnessed a rare anti-cyclonic tornado forming over Sunnyvale. This unique experience fueled her desire to become a meteorologist, a dream she steadfastly pursued. Tracy has a deep passion for all things science and proudly declares herself the “Queen of Winter,” as it’s her favorite season. She relishes skiing, ice skating, and taking her horse, Star, for snowy strolls.

Animals hold a special place in Tracy’s heart. She has a prairie dog named Herbie and a cat named Oliver Nacho. Her love for animals extends to her long-term goal of retiring on a farm where she can care for a wide variety of animals.

A unique passion of Tracy’s is macaroni and cheese. She runs a website called, where she chronicles the macaroni dishes she samples and rates them on a scale from “Mactastic” (meaning “pretty darn amazingly good”) to “Macky” (simply “good”).

Tracy joined the 5 On Your Side Weather team in April 2019. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from San Jose State University and a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University. She is also a National Weather Association seal holder. Prior to her tenure in St. Louis, Tracy worked at various stations in locations like Portland, Oregon; Salinas, California; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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