Tracy Sinclare (Journalist)

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Tracy Sinclare is the Weekend Meteorologist for Channel 2 News, bringing a wealth of experience to her role. Her connection with Alaska dates back to 1972 when her family relocated to the state due to her father’s transfer to Elmendorf Air Force Base. Tracy has spent numerous years in Alaska, gaining an in-depth understanding of its winters and the ever-changing weather conditions.

Her educational journey began with graduation from East Anchorage High School in 1982. Tracy pursued her academic interests at Gonzaga University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Broadcasting. Subsequently, she joined KTUU/Channel 2, where her passion for meteorology led her to further studies at Mississippi State University, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences.

Before becoming a part of the Channel 2 News team in 2000, Tracy spent 13 years working for the trans-Alaska pipeline system. Her role involved internal communications and media relations. In March 2002, Tracy transitioned into the position of weather anchor for the “Morning Edition” program. Later, in November 2003, she moved to the “Weekend Edition.”

In addition to her work at Channel 2, Tracy is a published author of romance novels, showcasing her creative talents beyond the realm of meteorology. She is also an avid and dedicated knitter, displaying her passion for crafting.

Tracy’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in English and Broadcasting from Gonzaga University and a Bachelor of Science in Geosciences from Mississippi State University. Her diverse experiences and educational journey have undoubtedly shaped her into a well-rounded and accomplished meteorologist and media professional.

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