Trason Bragg (Journalist)

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Trason is a dynamic and captivating reporter with a rich and varied background. His journey to Atlanta has been shaped by diverse experiences and studies across multiple disciplines.

As a former Division 1 football player at UCLA, Trason imbibed the values of hard work and dedication, which have been instrumental in achieving his goals. Additionally, his time as an actor in Los Angeles provided him with the confidence and comfort to shine on camera.

While many were discussing the US/Mexico border, Trason took the bold step of experiencing it firsthand and reporting the unvarnished truth about the situation. For two years, he was on the ground in the epicenter of border activity, the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas.

During his time at the border, Trason bore witness to and reported on significant events such as family separations, the border wall, cartel violence in Mexico, record-breaking drug busts, and human smuggling, among other stories that gripped the nation.

Trason is unwavering in his commitment to continual improvement as a reporter, striving to better himself with each day he steps into the newsroom.

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