What Do You Know of Bangalore?

Do you think you know everything about Bangalore?

Is your knowledge complete?

If yes is the answer, lets prove you wrong.


It lies in the south east of India. It is located in the heart of Mysore Plateau. Sea waters are 920 meters below this state.

The climate of this state is pleasant throughout the year. One can say god has made this state with a plenty of time. The summer temperature rarely increases and winter temperatures seldom decrease. Even the rainfall is also seen during evenings or nights, so that one can enjoy them.

This city is untouched by strong seismic waves or earthquakes.


Many people come to Bangalore for business purposes because of its high and guaranteed return. This is one of the fastest growing cities.

More than 50 engineering colleges and 212 software companies and large number of people engaged in software field make this city “the Silicon Valley” of India.

It has many fashion industries and this makes it “The fashion capital”.


Lalbagh is located at the heart of the city and has about a thousand types of flora and fauna. It also has few rock formations that are a million year old. The place is full of trees which have spent more than 100 years on earth.

Cubbon park is famous for different species of plants and the kids train, for which the children are mad.

How can one miss the famous Jayaprakash Narayan Biodiversity park. It is famous for the 4 lakes situated within it.


· Bangalore fort built in 1537 is just too awesome.

· Tipu Sultan’s summer palace shows the thinking of the early engineers. No one feels warm there.

· Bangalore palace built in 1862, is a true replica of Windsor Castle in England.


The city has a large number of museums. All the museums have their flavor.

· Government Museum- this museum is for those who have a true love for old coins, jewelry, sculpture and inscriptions. It also contains the earliest Kannada inscription.

· Karnataka Folk Museum – it is located in the Kumara park west and has a very good collection of weapons, masks, video tapes, utensils and instruments.

· Madras Sappers Museum And Archives- it was inaugurated in 1979 and it showcases the Madras Engineer Group also known as Sappers. It is a very old regiment of the corps of Indian army. Many claim it as the oldest one.

There are many more museums in this city which are worth watching.


National gallery of modern art is an art gallery in this city and shows the paintings of best Indian painters like Raja Ravi Verma and Jamini Roy.


Natures beauty is the best beauty. How can one come to Bangalore and go without giving a visit to Nandi Hills. It has an ancient temple of Nandi.

The joy of watching the Thottikallu falls cannot be described in words.

The different and beautiful lakes like Ulsoor lake, DRDO lake, Yediyur lake, etc. have their own beauty.

The reasons for coming to Bangalore will make you to come Bangalore.