Travis Breese (Journalist)

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Travis Breese embarked on his journey with KWWL in June 2019, taking on the role of a multimedia journalist based in Iowa City, contributing to nightly newscasts.

This was Travis’s inaugural full-time position in the news industry, following his graduation from the University of Missouri in May 2019.

Originally hailing from Southern California, he was born in Los Angeles and later settled in San Diego in 2009, where he completed middle and high school. The transition to the Midwest was fueled by the allure of the oldest journalism school globally, situated at MU. Travis attributes his change in scenery to the warm hospitality of the Midwest and the inspiration of Jason Aldean’s song “Fly Over States.”

While Travis covers a range of news stories, it’s essential to know that his academic background lies in sports reporting, which initially ignited his passion for this field. The first day of March Madness holds a special place in his heart as his favorite day of the year. In the professional sports realm, he roots for the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Clippers. For college football, his allegiance naturally goes to his alma mater, the Missouri Tigers.

In times when Mark Woodley or Rick Coleman require a break, you might find Travis stepping in on the sports desk.

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