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Travis Mayfield Biography

Travis Mayfield is an American anchor and host on Q13 News This Morning. Previously, he served as a reporter for KOMO News on the radio and television.

Travis Mayfield
Travis Mayfield

He was then promoted to Community Network Manager, Executive Producer and Director of Digital Social Strategy for the Fisher Interactive Network before landing at Q13 FOX.

Travis Mayfield Age | How Old Is Travis Mayfield

Travis was born in 1978 in Pacific Northwest he is 45 years old as of 2023.

Is Travis Mayfield Married | Travis Mayfield Dad

Travis was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He went to Jr. High and High School in Port Orchard. Travis graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane. He has worked as a broadcast journalists in Central Washington, Eastern Washington and in Western Washington. This is where Travis met his husband Curtis.  Travis lives in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood with his husband, kids and dog.

Travis, practically glows every time he talks about his “kiddos.” Part of that glow is a little bit of a daze from a lack of sleep after their twins Eleanor and Thomas turned 2 years old. Curtis and Travis became domestic partners in 2010 and legally married in 2013. Curtis admits that kids were not really on his mind during that first date, but he stayed open to the idea.The couple evaluated every path toward fatherhood. After a years-long journey, they chose surrogacy.Both men spent months of time and research on different adoption plans before opting for surrogacy. Travis highlights that all gay families need to take that same journey and consider all the options — not just for their future children, but for themselves. Surrogacy made the most sense for his family with Curtis, and Travis admits he felt blessed that the two could pursue that route.

When the couple decided on surrogacy, they explored using a family member as the egg donor. “We put almost a year into that, and we realized it wasn’t going to work,” Travis says. “I realized that we needed to take a break from this. I’m glad we did. I realized I needed that time to work through some of the emotional issues that had come up during the process. I think it was important I did that.”

The couple’s hard work paid off. They found an egg donor, a surrogate and a helpful lawyer. Although paid surrogacy was illegal in Washington, they worked with their lawyer to secure everything they needed in Portland, Oregon, a three-hour drive from Seattle. The two decided Curtis would be the sperm donor.

A software engineer for Microsoft, Curtis could claim much of the costly surrogacy process as “infertility treatments” under his company health insurance. Travis, the man who couldn’t wait until the dessert course to start bringing up babies, never cared about the biological link to his children.

Now the two dads Daddy for Travis, the Cantonese Baba for Curtis  couldn’t be happier with their choices. And Travis has embraced his chance not only to have a family, but to share his family with others.

Travis Mayfield Child Dies | What Happened To Travis Mayfield’s Son |Travis Mayfield Son Death

Travis and his husband took their 2.5 year old son Tommy to Children’s Hospital in Seattle on April 9th 2016.  Tommy  had had a cold for a few days, but on that day his nose had started to bleed during his nap.  After a few minutes, they realized they needed help to try and get it to stop.

Just after noon on April 10th 2016, the couple held their precious baby boy in their arms in the ICU and sang him to sleep one last final time.  Their previously perfectly healthy Tommy died in the arms of his two daddies and surrounded by those who loved him most. What exactly went so wrong in those 24 hours remains a mystery to Travis and his husband.  They have some medical facts in hindsight, and countless assurances that they and those who cared for Tommy did everything right and everything possible. They were broken.

Travis Mayfield New Baby

Travis together with his husband Curtis  have a new addition to their family a son Greyson!  They shared the news on August 7 2017 that they welcomed their baby boy Greyson on Wednesday, August 2 2017.  Travis said “Grey is healthy, happy and so very handsome! I’ll be taking some time off from Q13 News so we can all be together. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. In the mean time I’ll probably be posting lots of baby pictures here on Facebook. Stay tuned!”

Travis Mayfield Family | Travis Mayfield Father

In December 2017 Travis a Q13 News morning host father was identified as one of the two Bremerton police officers who were shot early Sunday morning. The two police officers Kent Mayfield and Allan McComas were both injured in the gunfight at Lions Park.

Mayfield a police veteran, with 27 years of service with Bremerton PD. He was take to  the hospital after being shot twice in the abdomen, but a full recovery is expected. McComas has five years of experience as an officer, spending the last year-and-a-half in Bremerton. He is  was recovering at home. Both officers were placed on administrative assignment pending an investigation, which is standard procedure.

Travis Mayfield Q13

Travis is an anchor and host on Q13 News This Morning. In 2006 Travis came home to Seattle. Travis first served as a reporter for KOMO News on the radio and television. He was then promoted to Community Network Manager, Executive Producer and Director of Digital Social Strategy for the Fisher Interactive Network before landing at Q13 FOX.

He began his career in broadcast journalism at NBC’s Today Show in New York City, followed up with a year at KHQ-TV in Spokane all while still attending Gonzaga University. After earning a degree from GU Travis went to Montana where he produced, reported and anchored for NBC Montana.

Travis went back to Washington to work as a special projects reporter at KNDO-TV in Yakima before returning to Spokane to work as KXLY-TV’s consumer reporter.

Travis Mayfield Awards

His work has been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists, RTNDA, the Associated Press and in 2012 he received a Fisher Communications “Innovation” award. In 2012 Travis was nominated for an Emmy and he serves on the board of governors of NATAS NW.

Travis Mayfield Salary | Travis Mayfield Net Worth

Travis has not yet revealed the salary he receives from Q13 FoX. His estimated net worth is still not known.

Travis Mayfield Karl Pilkington

In 2016 Travis was told that he look just like Karl Pilkington he posted this on his facebook account.

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