Trevor Dineen (Journalist)

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Trevor Dineen is a versatile personality, known for his role as the host of CBC Radio One’s “Now or Never.” Together with his co-host, Ify Chiwetelu, he engages with people on personal missions to enact real change, regardless of whether those changes are big or small. Trevor and Ify are open to any challenge on “Now or Never.” They assist in testing theories, examining plans, and rallying support in their quest to achieve these missions. The show, which airs nationally on CBC Radio One, offers a platform for individuals to share their inspiring journeys on Saturdays.

Trevor doesn’t stop at hosting; he also adds a dose of fun to rush hour as the traffic reporter on “Information Radio” 89.3FM/990AM, which is CBC Manitoba’s flagship #1 morning show. When he’s not providing guidance to commuters navigating stalls and collisions, he’s known for his humorous presence on Twitter. Furthermore, Trevor is embarking on a delightful new chapter in life as a new dad.

Before joining CBC, Trevor was part of the team at CityTV Winnipeg and hosted a style/fashion web series, which makes perfect sense given his self-described “glorious hair.”

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