Trevor Gibbs (Journalist)

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Trevor became an integral part of the WFXG weather and news team in September 2020, taking on the role of a meteorologist.

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Trevor’s deep-seated interest in meteorology was nurtured by his family’s experiences during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Growing up, he weathered several storms, including Hurricanes Gaston (2004) and Matthew (2016), Tropical Storm Irma (2017), fringe impacts from Hurricane Dorian (2019), and many other tropical storms.

His educational journey led him to the College of Charleston, where he graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in Meteorology and a B.A. in Physics, accompanied by a minor in Communication. During his time in school, he worked as a Production Assistant at a local station and dedicated his time to volunteering with the National Weather Service in Charleston. Following his graduation, he spent some time in Fishkill, New York, where he provided forecasts and routes to ships worldwide. Eventually, he made his way back to the CSRA in the South.

Beyond his meteorological interests, Trevor is an enthusiastic yogi who achieved certification as a Yoga Therapy teacher during his senior year of college. He also possesses a deep love for connecting with nature and exploring all that the natural world has to offer.

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