Tucker Antico (Journalist)

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Tucker hails from Boston, Massachusetts, where he was born and raised. Despite his Boston roots, his sports allegiance lies with the New York Rangers, Giants, and the St. Louis Cardinals, thanks to his family’s ties to both cities. His journey in education led him to Penn State University, where he pursued a degree in meteorology, successfully graduating in 2019. Tucker’s deep-rooted desire to live in the Midwest came to fruition as he embarked on his career in Wisconsin, filling him with excitement.

During his time at Penn State, Tucker was an active member of numerous organizations. In the realm of meteorology, he was involved with the Campus Weather Service, Weather Risk Management Club, PSUBAMS, and even held the position of president of the Penn State Storm Chase Team. Beyond meteorology, he took on the role of treasurer in the student government and enjoyed playing ice and deck hockey throughout his college years.

Tucker’s passion for weather and his dream of becoming a broadcast meteorologist have been lifelong pursuits. This calling began as early as age 2 when he enthusiastically reported the weather to anyone who would lend an ear. The inspiration for his meteorological journey can be traced back to the weather beacon atop the old Hancock Tower in Boston. As he progressed, Tucker took on a significant role by running a popular local weather website in high school and offering valuable snow-day advice to local school superintendents.

In his leisure time, Tucker’s enthusiasm knows no bounds. He’s an all-around sports enthusiast, with hockey reigning as his top choice. The great outdoors also beckon him, particularly when it comes to biking. He revels in the various opportunities that the Chippewa Valley has to offer. Furthermore, when severe weather strikes, you might just find him out storm chasing, fueled by his unwavering passion.

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