Tupuivao Wilson (Journalist)

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Tupuivao Roberto Wilson-Gimeno has been the Production Manager at WGXA FOX24/ABC16 since 2016. His journey with WGXA began in 2008 when he started as a Production Assistant. During this time, he dedicated himself to learning all aspects of production. His dedication and hard work eventually led to his promotion as a Newscast Director in 2010.

In his role as Production Manager, Tupuivao skillfully coordinates various day-to-day production duties, including scheduling and creative problem-solving. Moreover, he takes on the important responsibility of being the Graphics Producer, ensuring that on-air graphics are executed flawlessly.

Outside of the professional realm, Tupuivao’s interests include travel, writing, music, and being an avid supporter of his hometown soccer team, F.C. Barcelona. Interestingly, he has a penchant for referring to himself in the third person.

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