Valerie Perez (Journalist)

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Valerie Perez, hailing from Dallas, brought her passion for reading, writing, storytelling, and photography to Newscenter25 when she joined the team in August 2020.

Valerie’s journey into broadcast journalism began during her college years, as she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Communications at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. It was during this period that she discovered her true calling in broadcast journalism. After earning her bachelor’s degree and subsequently continuing her education in graduate school, Valerie gained valuable experience in various aspects of journalism, including political coverage, local investigative reporting, and social media analytics.

Through her reporting, Valerie finds fulfillment in connecting with her community, keeping the public informed, and contributing to the safety of others. Her dedication to storytelling and her commitment to her role in journalism make her a valuable member of the Newscenter25 team.

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