Van Tate (Journalist)

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Van Tate boasts two decades of dedicated sports coverage in New Mexico. A proud alumnus of Hobbs High School and the University of New Mexico, his path to journalism was evident even in his youth. As a child, he would record his own unique version of the news, which he dubbed “the creepy scary news.” Van’s early passion for journalism resurfaced when his mother played one of those recordings for him after he secured his first job in the field.

During his initial days at UNM, Van started as a business major, but a natural calling led him to switch to journalism. This pivotal decision set the stage for a remarkable career that allowed him to cover prestigious events like the Indy 500, NFL games, Bowl games, NCAA Tournaments, and a host of other thrilling sports moments.

Van is a familiar face in the sports scene, delivering sports updates Monday through Friday on KRQE News 13 and Fox New Mexico. He also hosts an engaging online sports discussion program called “The Sports Office,” featuring a diverse lineup of guests, including NFL stars, college players, coaches, and the occasional movie star.

His achievements in the world of sports journalism speak for themselves. Van has earned numerous accolades, including being named National Sportswriter and Sportscaster of the Year in New Mexico (an impressive 11-time winner). He has also been recognized as Albuquerque the Magazine’s Best of the City Sports Reporter (a 5-time winner), the Associated Press’s Best Sports (5-time winner), and the NMBA’s Best Sports (3-time winner).

Beyond the realm of sports, Van is passionate about music. He’s a multi-instrumentalist but is particularly renowned for his singing talent. In his spare time, he finds solace in baking, describing it as a form of therapy. His sweet treats bring joy and satisfaction to those who have the pleasure of enjoying them.

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