Vanessa Croix (Journalist)

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Vanessa Croix is a versatile professional, serving as a multimedia journalist and stepping in as an anchor when needed at KENS 5 in San Antonio, Texas.

Vanessa commenced her journey with the KENS 5 news team in December 2018. Prior to this, she spent two years at KAGS news in Bryan/College Station, where she held the positions of evening anchor and reporter.

What makes Vanessa’s story even more remarkable is her transition from over a decade of teaching and counseling in high schools. Her career as an educator impacted the lives of nearly 2,000 students, a testament to her commitment to their growth and development. Her students were a significant source of inspiration, motivating her to embark on a new path in the world of TV news.

During her time at Spring Branch ISD in Houston, her dedication was recognized and acknowledged by Texas A&M University and the University of Chicago for her exceptional contributions to her students.

Vanessa is deeply rooted in her Texas heritage, hailing from the small town of Tomball, a suburb of Houston.

Outside her professional pursuits, she is an adventurer at heart. Her love for travel has taken her from the heights of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador to the open road, riding a motorcycle to South Dakota. Vanessa’s adventurous spirit also extends to her hobbies, which include embracing a challenging Crossfit WOD, going for runs, and enjoying cycling.

One of Vanessa’s most striking qualities is her ability to connect with people. She thrives on meeting new individuals and has a natural talent for making friends wherever she goes.

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