VANESSA PEREZ (Journalist)

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Vanessa hails from sunny Southern California, where she was born and raised.

Her educational journey took her to San Francisco State University, where she obtained a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. During her time there, she showcased her talents as the producer for the weekly newscast, “State of Events.”

Vanessa also gained valuable experience during an internship at KRON 4 News in San Francisco, where she worked on the assignment desk, honing her skills in the fast-paced world of news reporting.

Now, Vanessa embarks on an exciting new adventure, eagerly looking forward to exploring the picturesque landscapes of the Flathead Valley.

In her leisure moments, she enjoys the culinary arts, finding joy in cooking, as well as immersing herself in the world of podcasts and Netflix. Her love for the outdoors adds another dimension to her interests, making her a well-rounded individual.

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