Vassy Kapelos (Journalist)

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Vassy Kapelos, based in Ottawa, is the host of Power & Politics. Prior to joining CBC, she held the position of Ottawa bureau chief and hosted The West Block on Global News. In her role covering federal politics, Vassy conducted interviews with prominent figures, ranging from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. She has a wealth of experience anchoring and reporting on various elections, both federal and provincial.

Vassy’s journalistic journey has taken her across the globe, reporting from locations such as Rio de Janeiro, Iraq, South Korea, and Japan. She has also been on the front lines covering breaking news stories across Canada, including the Slave Lake fire, Manitoba floods, and the Parliament Hill shooting.

Before her tenure in Ottawa, Vassy delved into provincial politics in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Her exceptional work on a series titled “Code Red,” which shed light on the deficiencies of Edmonton’s emergency response system, earned her the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award. Furthermore, Vassy was part of a team that clinched an RTNDA Award for the documentary “16X9: Wives of ISIS,” a comprehensive exploration of how young girls in Canada are enticed to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

In her leisure time, Vassy enjoys baking, reading, evading exercise, and cherishing moments with her family, friends, and her trusty PVR.

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