VICTOR PARK (Journalist)

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Victor Park’s journey in the world of news was sparked by his upbringing in Los Angeles, California. It was in his hometown that his fascination with news took root, and he began nurturing this passion during his academic pursuits in broadcast journalism at California State University, Northridge.

Early in his career, Victor interned in the newsroom of KABC-TV, where he gained valuable experience in the industry. This role paved the way for his transition into a News Assistant position.

Before joining KIMA, Victor lent his skills as a freelance cameraman to LOUDLABS News. In this capacity, he covered breaking news stories for local television stations in Los Angeles. Some of his notable assignments included documenting police pursuits, reporting on the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, and capturing the devastating impact of wildfires.

Victor’s journey also includes a unique chapter in a Netflix reality TV series titled “Shot in the Dark,” where he played a significant role.

Outside of his career, Victor Park has dedicated his time to mentoring and coaching. He spent several years as a running coach at Fairfax High School, contributing to Students Run L.A., a marathon training program designed to support at-risk youth.

Running and marathon training are not just his coaching endeavors but also personal passions. When he’s not hitting the pavement, you might find him immersed in the world of gaming, enjoying titles like GTA IV on his PS4.

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