Vince Lattanzio (Journalist)

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Vince Lattanzio, who joined NBC10 in March 2008, holds the role of editorial lead and senior producer overseeing the duopoly’s 18 digital platforms. Throughout his career, he’s covered a diverse range of stories, spanning law, order, and societal issues, as well as breaking news and in-depth investigations. His investigative work has delved into critical subjects such as child exploitation, youth homelessness, the opioid and heroin epidemic, and suicide prevention.

In his capacity as editorial lead, Lattanzio shapes the vision, tone, and presentation of written, video, and graphic content on digital platforms. He’s also known for his exploration of new technologies and storytelling techniques to engage existing and attract new audiences to essential local news and information.

Lattanzio’s dedication and excellence in journalism have earned him numerous accolades, including national and regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, a national News and Documentary EMMY award, and several regional EMMY Awards. Notably, he produced the station’s groundbreaking cross-platform long-form project, “Protecting Innocence: The Untold Fight Against Child Predators.” This project offered an exclusive look into Homeland Security Investigations’ Child Exploitation Unit’s efforts to combat online pedophiles in the Philadelphia area.

In 2015, Lattanzio played a pivotal role in NBC10’s in-depth reporting on social issues through the “NBC10 Digital Exclusives” initiative. The first project, “Faces of Homeless Youth,” shed light on the often invisible problem of youth homelessness, leading to increased funding for advocacy groups and greater public awareness.

The subsequent project, “Generation Addicted,” delved into the tragic world of heroin and opioid addiction, conducting extensive reporting across four states and the District of Columbia. This endeavor earned multiple regional EMMY Awards and a national News and Documentary EMMY Award.

During the fast-paced 2016 U.S. presidential election, Lattanzio, along with fellow reporter David Chang, focused on Millennials and politics in the series “Battleground Bros.” They followed the Clinton and Trump campaigns across Pennsylvania, engaging college students in conversations about the issues that motivated them to vote. This series earned recognition with a regional Best in Social Media Edward R. Murrow Award.

Lattanzio’s most recent special project addressed the sensitive issue of suicide prevention. Titled “Preventing Suicide: Breaking the Silence,” the project aimed to enhance community mental well-being by raising awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting mental health literacy. It included a 45-minute digital documentary, articles, videos, and resources. The project received the 2017 SAVE Award for Excellence in Reporting on Suicide.

Outside of his professional accomplishments, Vince Lattanzio is a 2003 graduate of Roman Catholic High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Design from Philadelphia University. He originally hails from South Philadelphia but now resides in Philadelphia with his husband, Joshua.

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