Vincent Hill (Journalist)

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Vincent Hill truly embodies the ethos of “2 Works for You.” Throughout his life, he has dedicated himself to serving others, whether it be in the US Army, where he proudly served his country, or as a police officer in Nashville, where he worked tirelessly for the community.

When asked about his origins, Vincent often quips, “I’m from a little bit of nowhere and a lot of here and there.” This sentiment reflects his upbringing as a military child, born in Heidelberg, Germany, and constantly on the move, which exposed him to diverse people from all walks of life.

Vincent’s academic journey took him through various colleges across the nation, a nomadic pursuit driven by his family’s military life. After concluding his service in the Army in 2002, Vincent joined the Nashville Police Department. Over four years, he held various roles, including patrol, Flex, and CSU (narcotics), demonstrating his commitment to law enforcement and community safety.

In 2009, following the tragic death of former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair, Vincent stepped forward to voice concerns about inconsistencies in the police narrative. This brave act led to numerous appearances on local Nashville news stations and eventually Dateline NBC. Inspired by his experiences, Vincent penned his debut book, “Playbook to a Murder,” followed by “Incomplete Pass.”

Vincent’s transition from law enforcement to media appearances marked a turning point in his career. He discovered a profound passion for journalism and storytelling. To turn this passion into a profession, he enrolled in broadcasting school in Atlanta, honing his journalism skills. Throughout this journey, he continued to make appearances on both local and national media outlets, including HLN, CNN, Fox News, and ID Discovery. Vincent’s contributions extended to solo anchoring on the Law and Crime Network in New York City and becoming a regular contributor on the Scripps-owned Court TV in Atlanta.

Today, Vincent is thrilled to be part of the KJRH family, where he can continue his journalistic pursuits. He’s equally elated to leave behind the notorious Atlanta traffic.

Beyond his professional life, Vincent enjoys running, hiking, and spending time on the water. He possesses a deep-seated passion for helping the homeless, often spotted walking the streets of Tulsa with brown bags in hand, offering support to those in need.

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