Walt Buteau (Journalist)

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Walt has deep roots in Rhode Island, tracing his family’s history back to their migration to the state from Italy and Canada in 1880. He began his journey with WPRI in 1994 and is currently a part of Target 12, a platform that enables him to investigate and report on issues like crime, government waste, and corruption. Walt’s dedication to journalism has earned him several Associated Press Awards and a pair of Emmy Awards, along with multiple nominations.

Throughout his career, Walt has had the privilege of covering many of Rhode Island’s most significant historical events. He anchored WPRI’s daily coverage of the Plunder Dome trial and was among the first reporters on the scene during The Station fire tragedy. He reported on the 2008 snowstorm that paralyzed the state, the floods of 2010, and the impact of Hurricane Sandy, including a memorable moment when a rogue wave drenched him on live television.

On September 11, Walt made history as the first Rhode Island reporter to arrive at Ground Zero, mere hours after the tragic attack. He spent a week there, returning over the years to document the healing and transformation of the city.

Among his favorite assignments is the “Street Stories” series, where Walt delves into the lives of individuals facing adversity in the same neighborhoods as his viewers. Alongside his photographer, John Villella, he brings these compelling stories to life, earning several AP and Emmy Awards and multiple nominations.

Beyond his professional life, Walt’s passions include writing, reading, cycling, and spending quality time with his wife and family. Yet, he still eagerly anticipates the next significant news story to break, showcasing his unwavering commitment to journalism.

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