Walt Grayson (Journalist)

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Walt Grayson, a Mississippi native with deep roots in the state, has had a lifelong journey in the world of broadcasting.

Born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi, Walt kick-started his broadcasting career during his high school years at a local Greenville radio station. After graduation, he made the move to Jackson, where he continued to work in radio and later transitioned to television in 1984. At that time, he took on the role of a weather anchor and occasional feature reporter at WLBT-TV in Jackson. This marked the beginning of a remarkable career in the television industry, where he dedicated over three decades to WLBT before returning to his broadcasting roots at WJTV-12. Interestingly, he initially began his TV career at WJTV-12 as a part-time weekend weatherman while simultaneously working full-time at Jackson’s WSLI radio.

Walt’s educational background includes degrees in history and Bible from Mississippi College, demonstrating his commitment to knowledge and learning.

In his personal life, Walt shares a special connection with his junior high school sweetheart, affectionately known as “Miz Jo.” Together, they have a blended family of four children and four grandchildren, creating a close-knit and loving bond.

Walt Grayson’s influence in Mississippi’s broadcasting landscape extends beyond television. He is a familiar face as the longtime host of Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s beloved show, “Mississippi Roads,” where he explores the diverse and fascinating facets of the state.

In addition to his on-screen presence, Walt’s passion for Mississippi’s rich culture and history has led him to author four books about his travels throughout the state. He also contributes a monthly column to the Electric Coops of Mississippi’s newspaper.

Walt’s journey has come full circle as he currently serves as the full-time lifestyle and feature reporter for WJTV, channel 12 in Jackson. His enduring dedication to broadcasting, coupled with his love for Mississippi and its stories, makes him a cherished figure in the state’s media landscape.

Reflecting on his career, Walt Grayson expresses his gratitude for the opportunities that continue to come his way, making each day an exciting new adventure.

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