Wendy Bergfeldt (Journalist)

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Wendy Gatlin’s impressive career spans over two decades of journalistic experience, marked by diverse roles and contributions to the field. Her journey has seen her serve as a correspondent and field producer for BBC Scotland, where she undoubtedly honed her skills in storytelling and reporting.

Wendy’s journalistic endeavors have taken her to various landscapes, from the prairies to hosting current affairs shows in the North. For several years, she has been deeply involved in Cape Breton Island’s daily journalism scene, where she has dedicated herself to covering the region’s political, social, and economic stories with unwavering commitment.

Beyond her role in current affairs, Wendy Gatlin has emerged as one of Cape Breton’s foremost cultural observers. She has had the privilege of featuring virtually every artist, author, and musician on the Island, showcasing her deep connection to the local arts and culture scene. This experience has opened doors to exciting projects, including her role as a collaborating scholar on the SSHRC funded International Singing Storytellers Symposium. Additionally, she contributes as an editor to an upcoming book on Cape Breton traditional music by Dr. Liz Doherty from the University of Ulster.

Wendy’s passion for music is evident in her work, as she has produced three CDs that highlight the talents of Cape Breton fiddlers, Gaelic singers, and Acadian women. Her contributions to the music industry have earned her three Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Nominations and two East Coast Music Association (ECMA) nominations, underscoring her significant impact in this realm.

Academically, Wendy Gatlin holds an advanced Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and pursued studies in film at the University of Regina. Her academic journey also includes an MA in Interdisciplinary Research, reflecting her dedication to interdisciplinary approaches in her work.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Wendy actively engages with her community by hosting and moderating numerous concerts and conventions throughout the year. Her commitment to community involvement reflects her passion for bringing people together through the power of communication.

Wendy Gatlin resides in Sydney with her husband and two daughters, where her multifaceted career continues to thrive and inspire others in the field of journalism and beyond.

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