Wilson Walker (Journalist)

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Wilson Walker became a valued member of KPIX 5 in July 2007, marking the beginning of his journey with the network. His television career, however, had its roots at WSOC-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina, back in 1999. During his time there, he covered significant events such as the departure of the Charlotte Hornets, the Rae Carruth case, and the impactful East Coast Ice Storm of 2002.

Following his tenure in Charlotte, Wilson spent three years with KCRA in Sacramento, California. In this role, he delved into California politics, reported on the Hamid & Umer Hyat terrorism trial, and contributed to coverage of the Sacramento arena debate.

Wilson Walker boasts two Emmy Awards to his name, recognizing his exceptional reporting skills. He earned one for his coverage of the 2007 Christmas Day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo and another for his reporting on the heartwarming “Batkid” event in 2013.

Transitioning from producing newscasts, Wilson embraced the role of Multimedia Journalist (MMJ) in 2012. This means he takes on the full spectrum of responsibilities, including shooting, writing, and editing all of his stories. Over the years, he has covered an array of significant events, including the Occupy movement, the California drought, the 2014 South Napa Earthquake, the transformative impact of the San Francisco tech boom, the Bay Bridge, the Bay Lights installation, and three Super Bowls.

Originally from North Carolina, Wilson pursued a history major at Davidson College, proudly sharing an alma mater with Golden State Warriors’ star Stephen Curry. When he’s not in pursuit of news stories across California, he enjoys running, exploring the Bay Area with friends, and whenever possible, attending Phish concerts.

For those interested in connecting with Wilson, you can reach out to him via email or follow his updates on Twitter. You can also “Like” his Facebook page to stay informed about his reporting and insights.

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