Winnie Dortch (Journalist)

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Winnie Marie Dortch, a Chicago native, embarked on her journey in journalism with a strong educational foundation. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Hampton University and later pursued her master’s degree at DePaul University.

Winnie’s journalism career kicked off at the NBC station in Missoula, Montana, where she embraced the scenic beauty of mountainous landscapes while honing her reporting skills. Her journalistic journey led her to Omaha, Nebraska, where she served as a multi-media journalist at FOX 42 KPTM, gaining experience in storytelling and asking challenging questions.

In 2018, the call of Flint, Michigan beckoned, and Winnie answered by becoming the morning reporter at ABC 12 WJRT. In this role, she covered a range of community events and breaking news stories, connecting with the local community.

Currently, Winnie has found her way to Milwaukee, where she is eager to explore local culinary delights, including cheese curds, for the first time. Her passion for people and engaging conversations is evident, as she genuinely cares about addressing community needs and sharing the stories of individuals.

Beyond her work on television, Winnie finds joy in spending quality time with her daughter, Kaelie Wynter. She also has a penchant for reality TV shows, with a special affinity for “Law & Order SVU.” When it comes to food, cupcakes, chicken, tacos, and refreshing lemonade top her list of favorites.

Winnie’s outlook on life is guided by the belief that “there is no such thing as a coincidence; everything happens for a reason,” reflecting her belief in the power of purpose and intentionality.

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