Xanti Alcelay (Journalist)

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Xanti embarked on his career journey at KTVB back in 1997, starting in the studio. The dynamic environment, characterized by its fast-paced action and seemingly impossible deadlines, immediately captivated him. It wasn’t long before he transitioned into the role of a news photographer.

Within a few short years, Xanti’s dedication and talent propelled him to the position of Chief Photographer. Throughout his career, he has covered a remarkable array of events, including four Olympics, both Fiesta Bowls, and countless stories spanning from Ensenada to Shanghai.

Xanti’s exceptional work has garnered numerous accolades, including awards from esteemed organizations such as the Idaho Press Club, Society of Professional Journalists, National Press Photographer’s Association, and the Idaho State Broadcasters Association. Notably, he has also received a National Murrow award and an Emmy for his contributions to the field of journalism.

As News Operations Manager and Director of Photography, Xanti now divides his time between orchestrating news coverage within the newsroom and venturing out into the field with the satellite truck and camera, covering stories that extend beyond their local market.

A proud Idahoan, Xanti was born in Boise in 1976 to Basque parents and has remained deeply connected to the Basque community throughout his life. He’s a longtime member of the Oinkari Basque Dancers and Euzkaldunak (the Basque Center).

In his leisure moments, Xanti enjoys a variety of pastimes, including card games, fervently supporting sports teams like the Atlanta Braves, San Francisco 49ers, Boise State Broncos, and Chelsea. He’s also passionate about handball, cherishes time spent with friends and family, delves into reading recipes, and relishes the art of cooking and savoring delicious meals. When he’s not in the newsroom or on assignment with the satellite truck, you’re likely to find him on the Basque Block, where his heart lies.

Xanti maintains close ties with friends and family in the Treasure Valley, including his wife, Jill Aldape, whom he first met at the Basque Center at the tender age of two.

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