Xochilt Lagunas (Journalist)

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Xochilt Lagunas, a bilingual multimedia journalist, originally hails from Santa Ana, California. She diligently honed her journalism skills at California State University, Fullerton, where she pursued and earned a journalism degree.

During her educational journey, Xochilt showcased her dedication to the field of journalism. This commitment became particularly evident during her internship at KABC-TV, where she played a pivotal role in keeping the Los Angeles community well-informed by delivering timely breaking news updates.

Currently, Xochilt is embarking on an exciting new chapter in her journalism career, with her sights set on the vibrant media landscape of Texas. However, her passion for journalism is just one facet of her life. She also finds immense joy in leisurely trips to Disneyland and cherishes the quality moments she spends with her family.

Should you ever have the opportunity to meet Xochilt, do not hesitate to extend a friendly hello. She is sure to welcome it with a warm smile.

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