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Zoey Deutch Biography

Zoey Deutch (Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch) is an American actress and producer. She is best known for her starring roles in the gothic fantasy film Beautiful Creatures (2013) and the horror comedy film Vampire Academy (2014).

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Zoey  starred as Beverly in the comedy Everybody Wants Some!! and Stephanie Fleming in the comedy Why Him? in 2016.  She starred as Samantha Kingston in the drama Before I Fall, Erica Vandross in the comedy-drama Flower, and Harper in the romantic comedy Set It Up in 2017. Zoey also produced and starred in the films The Year of Spectacular Men (2017) and Buffaloed (2019).

Zoey Deutch Age | How Old Is Zoey Deutch

Zoey was born on November 10 1994 inLos Angeles, California. She is 24 years old as of 2018.

Zoey Deutch Parents | Zoey Deutch Mom

Zoey was born in Los Angeles, California.  She is the daughter of Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch.  Zoey has one sister, Madelyn Deutch, who is also an actress. Her other close relatives include musician Barbara Barry Thompson, music executive Murray Deutch, and actor Robert Walden. Zoey’s mother, from Minnesota, is of Irish ancestry while her father, from New York, is of Jewish ancestry.  She was brought up Jewish and had a Bat Mitzvah.

Zoey Deutch Young

Zoey began taking acting classes at the age of five.  She attended Oakwood School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and at the Young Actors Space. Zoey majored in theater at L.A. County High School for the Arts.  Zoey is a voracious reader, studies with a political science tutor (with a current focus on constitutional law) and takes art classes at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Zoey Deutch Boyfriend | Zoey Deutch Dating | Who Is Zoey Deutch Dating

Zoey is dating Dylan Hayes.

Zoey Deutch Hot | Zoey Deutch Feet | Zoey Deutch Legs

Avan Jogia And Zoey Deutch

Zoey and boyfriend Avan Jogia amicably broken up in 2017 after over five years together. The details on what caused them to split remain unknown.

Zoey  and Jogia  first made headlines as a possible couple back in 2012 when they attended the Kids’ Choice Awards together. Their romance was quickly proven to be true when they became inseparable in the following years.

Zoey Deutch Suite Life On Deck

Zoey began her career in 2010 when she was 15 years old, with a role on the Disney Channel original series The Suite Life on Deck as Maya, Zack Martin’s love interest.

Zoey Deutch Films




Peg Dahl
Zombieland: Double Tap
Set It Up
Harper Moore
The Professor
Before I Fall
Samantha Kingston
Rebel in the Rye
Oona O’Neill
The Disaster Artist
Erica Vandross
The Year Of Spectacular Men
Sabrina Klein
Of Dogs and Men
Dirty Grandpa
Everybody Wants Some!!
Vincent N Roxxy
Good Kids
Nora Sullivan
Why Him?
Stephanie Fleming
Vampire Academy
Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway
Beautiful Creatures
Emily Asher
The Amazing Spider-Man
Gossip Girl
Mayor Cupcake
Lana Maroni

Zoey Deutch Movies





The Politician
Under the Gunn
Herself/Guest judge
Switched at Birth
Elisa Sawyer
Juliet Martin
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
Blue Mask Girl/Kristi Anna
Willow Turner
The Suite Life on Deck
Maya Bennett

Zoey Deutch Vampire Academy

Zoey starred as Rosemarie Hathaway in Vampire Academy (2014) . The film was based on the first book of best-selling young adult six book series written by Richelle Mead. It  marked her first appearance as a lead.  Brendan Bettinger of Collider wrote about her performance, “Zoey Deutch handles her sassy dialogue well with a charismatic screen presence in the lead role”.  Jordan Hoffman of the New York Daily News termed her performance in the film as breakout lead performance.

Zoey Deutch Hair | Zoey Deutch Hair Color | Zoey Deutch Style | Zoey Deutch Glasses

Zoey Deutch Dirty Grandpa

Zoey  starred alongside Robert De Niro and Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa, as love interest to Efron’s character

Zoey Deutch Why Him

Zoey starred in Why Him? alongside James Franco, Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally.

Zoey Deutch And Zac Efron

Zoey and Zac Efron were in an on-screen matchup. The pair was also in Dirty Grandpa(2016) together.

Zoey Deutch Hot Scene


Zoey Deutch And James Franco

Zoey and Franco shared several kissing scenes in the 2016 film Why Him?The two actors played love interests, which I’m sure left Zoey simply aching for a different acting partner, especially since kissing Franco seemed to be a rather tortuous experience. She also had a part in The Disaster Artist, which is one of Franco’s more recent films.

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Zoey Deutch Interview

Zoey opened up about her complex character, what it was like to work with a female director, and the future of her generation.

Teen Vogue: When we first meet Sam in Before I Fall, she comes off as a bully. But she definitely changes over the film. What was it like crafting a character with such a marked evolution?

Zoey Deutch: Over the course of the story, she comes to realize who she wants to become, and that “becoming” is a permanent process. She’s someone who disastrously follows the rules of her group without any self-reflection. She feels that life will just carry her along without having to live authentically.

There’s a lot of dramatic irony in the movie; the audience shares a secret with Sam from the very beginning. She changes and evolves throughout the film, but everyone else stays the same and reacts to her evolving self, which is fun for the audience. By the end, although there’s a lot of discussion of death and mortality, the movie becomes a celebration of life rather than death. That’s how it feels to me, at least.

TV: It’s really interesting to see how Sam’s decisions change the lives of the people around her. What do you think about the film’s message about the way we make decisions in our own lives?

Zoey Deutch: The movie is really about who you want to be before you die. It’s a beautiful concept that what you do today matters. It matters now. It matters into infinity. It’s about being aware, being conscious, becoming who you are. The story works on many levels, and it was appealing to me that it could be both entertaining while tapping into these fundamental human conditions.

TV: In Before I Fall, you worked with Ry Russo-Young, who directed the film. How does working with another woman behind the camera affect your acting?

Zoey Deutch: This is a movie about the female experience as an adolescent. How many times have we seen that portrayed with words written by a middle-aged, white man? I certainly can’t write about being a middle-aged white man, so how could they possibly know what it’s like to be a young, teenage girl? To be able to be in a movie where the book was written by a woman, the script was written by a woman, it’s directed by a woman, and to have that character so understood and protected… I think it’s the reason that Sam is so interesting and complicated and real. She’s not this stoic, perfect, one-dimensional female character. She’s complicated. She’s a walking contradiction of herself. She’s not good. She’s not bad. She’s like the women I know

TV: Do you feel like the landscape is changing with a higher demand for a female presence behind the camera?

Zoey Deutch:I do feel a change and shift, but not as much as it should be. I love that Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote where they ask her, when will there be enough women on the Supreme Court? And she goes, [when it’s] all [nine] of them. And there were all these “ooh”s and “aah”s and she’s like, it’s been all men and nobody ever ooh’ed and ahh’ed about that. Something along those lines. And I think that’s totally applicable to the industry that I work in – and so many other industries. There isn’t a light being shined on it. So I’m really happy that it’s been such a point of discussion while during press for Before I Fall – the fact that this was a primarily female-made film. We should discuss that and empower and embrace strong, brave, working women. That’s what I’m about, for sure.

TV: You participated in the Women’s March while at Sundance. What was that like?

Zoey Deutch: It was wonderful. [Since the election], I’m trying to stay positive and trying to hope for the best and expect the worst. It was cool to be amongst a bunch of people who do have a platform, and who are more than happy to speak up. And I think it’s interesting that there are some celebrities who have a fear of not speaking their mind. I guess it’s because they don’t want to lose their audience? That they don’t want to offend anyone? But I don’t really think that that silence does anything in terms of keeping you safe or keeping you away from what’s happening. To me, it’s such a sad privilege to have a platform and a voice and not use it. And I totally understand when people want to preach that actors aren’t politicians or activists inherently. I get it. I understand where people are coming from, but before I was an actor, I was a human. And a woman. And both of those things are being challenged at this moment in time, in our country, in a time where it feels like there’s unparalleled meanness. That’s what it feels like. Just unparalleled meanness.

TV: In your opinion, what are the next steps to keep that great momentum going from the Women’s March?

Zoey Deutch: I’ve been trying not to be afraid of talking to people who don’t agree with me – and really exercising patience in listening. It’s so much harder than it sounds — for me, at least. I’ve been exercising emotional discipline and engaging in discussions that are fact-based, rather than emotion-based. Because when you’re arguing with emotion, it just generally doesn’t end that well.

And I just think in order for there to be progress for women, we have to question authority. We have to be willing to challenge any rules that are aimed at controlling our sexual behavior. And we have to avoid doing business as usual. … Everything is being challenged and so let’s challenge back.

I’ve also been trying my best not to use his name a lot. Trying to hold the whole party accountable. Once he’s gone, we still have this huge problem.

TV: How do you see the role of young people going forward? What do you hope to see from your generation?

Zoey Deutch:On election night, when I saw the millennial map, that was the only silver lining. I burst into tears. Because it gave me hope when it felt like, “How the f*ck am I supposed to feel?” — like if there was anyone on my side or if there was anyone who feels the same way as me other than in my bubble that I live in. But there are.

TV: Is there one particular issue that you feel the most passionate about?

Zoey Deutch:I’m a woman who loves women who wants to protect women. The fact that I have basic healthcare and that that’s a “privilege,” that’s embarrassing to me. I’m an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood and I think it’s one of the most important organizations in our country. If it’s defunded, these millions of young women and people lose access to basic healthcare. Basic healthcare. That shouldn’t be a privilege. That should just be a human right.

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