Tom Ramsey (Journalist)

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Tom Ramsey, the football analyst, joined ESPN back in 2012. He’s a key figure in ESPN’s college football and NFL coverage, both on the television network and ESPN Radio.

Before his stint with ESPN, Tom Ramsey lent his expertise to TBS Sports. In fact, he’s had a remarkable 15-year tenure as a college football analyst with Fox Sports.

Ramsey’s journey in the world of football started at UCLA, where he played as a four-year starter for the Bruins. In 1982, he took on the role of team captain, and his football prowess shone when he was named the Rose Bowl MVP in 1983 following UCLA’s victory over Michigan. His journey didn’t stop there; he took his talents to the NFL, where he played for five years with the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts.

Beyond the football field, Ramsey is a man with a heart for charity. He’s deeply involved with organizations like the Parkinson’s Foundation, the Epilepsy Foundation, Wounded Warriors, and the Boys and Girls Club of America, making a positive impact beyond sports.

Today, Tom Ramsey calls Denver his home, where he lives with his wife Audra.

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