Tyler Allender (Journalist)

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Tyler Allender, the dedicated Storm Team 11 Meteorologist, takes pride in serving the Tri-Cities. You can catch him on your screens during the weekend evenings at 6 and 11 p.m. via News Channel 11.

Tyler’s meteorological journey began at Florida State University, where he earned his degree. Prior to joining us, he spent his entire life in sunny Florida. While there, he honed his skills at WJHG/WECP in Panama City Beach for four and a half years, specializing in tracking severe thunderstorms. Notably, Tyler played a critical role in providing life-saving information before, during, and after the devastating Hurricane Michael in October 2018.

Despite his deep Florida roots, Tyler has embraced the change of seasons and the active weather patterns in our region. He’s even mastering the art of forecasting snow.

Tyler’s passion for weather began early, as he recalls being intrigued by it at the tender age of five. He was so captivated by the elements that he’d play in heavy rain when he was even younger. By the time he turned eight, he became a dedicated weather watcher for Mike Lyons in West Palm Beach. Over the next ten years, like clockwork, he’d phone in his weather reports from his South Florida home every afternoon.

Apart from his on-screen responsibilities, Tyler has a heart for educating students about science and the wonders of weather. If you’re interested in having him visit your classroom, don’t hesitate to drop him an email.

In his leisure hours, you’ll find Tyler and his lovely wife, Courtney, exploring the picturesque mountains and the great outdoors in the regions of northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia, and western North Carolina. His involvement in the local church community further demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the weather forecast.

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