Tyler Moore(Journalist)

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Tyler became a valuable addition to the 5NEWS weather team in September 2020, where he brought his enduring passion for meteorology.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Tyler’s fascination with weather ignited at an early age. Whenever thunderstorms or winter storms were in the forecast, he would eagerly tune in to the local news. In fact, his love for the weather was so evident that his first-grade teacher made a prophetic prediction: that he would grow up to be a broadcast meteorologist.

As life unfolded, Tyler pursued a degree in meteorology at UNC Asheville, all while showcasing his skills as a college soccer goalkeeper. During his college years, he secured two significant summer internships, one with WKRN in Nashville and another at CNN in Atlanta. With his degree in hand, Tyler ventured into the world of meteorology, taking on the role of a weekday morning meteorologist in north-central Wisconsin, a move that brought him closer to family. In this position, he encountered a gamut of weather, from snow and cold to intense summer storms.

Tyler is genuinely thrilled to explore the wonders of Northwest Arkansas. His deep affinity for the outdoors makes the Ozarks a perfect home for him. Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, camping, kayaking, fishing, or golfing, if it involves the great outdoors, he’s all in. You’ll often find his loyal companion, Zion, his dog, accompanying him on walks and hikes.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Tyler is an ardent supporter of the Bucks, Brewers, Badgers, and, naturally, the Packers, ensuring that his loyalty to his sports teams remains unwavering.

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