Vanessa Vander Valk (Journalist)

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Vanessa Vander Valk is the host of “SHIFT” on CBC Radio One in New Brunswick. She began her career with CBC in Saint John as an associate producer on Information Morning after earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree from King’s College in 2001. Her professional journey also includes roles as a reporter in Whitehorse, a producer of the noon show in the Northwest Territories, and a newsreader back in Saint John. Vanessa’s versatility is evident in her past experience as a fill-in host for shows like Northwind, Trail’s End, and even the Gwich’in language show, despite not being proficient in Gwich’in!

Vanessa’s roots trace back to the Calgary area, but her life’s adventures led her to Canmore, Victoria, and even Venezuela. In her downtime, she enjoys the company of her two dogs, often seen throwing sticks and exploring nature trails.

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