Victoria Donatelli (Journalist)

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Victoria, originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, embarked on a journey that led her to graduate from WVU in the spring of 2020. Her academic pursuits culminated in a degree in Broadcast Journalism, complemented by a minor in sports communication.

During her time at WVU, Victoria’s vibrant spirit and dedication shone brightly as she was an integral part of the WVU Competitive Cheer Team. Their collective efforts culminated in an impressive second-place finish at the national level.

In the fall of her senior year, Victoria assumed the prestigious role of the main anchor for WVU News, an Emmy Award-winning newscast at the university. Her tenure in this position marked a high point in her academic journey.

Victoria’s professional identity is defined by her personable nature, unwavering work ethic, and an infectious enthusiasm for her role as a sports news reporter in the Ohio valley.

Outside of her professional endeavors, you’ll often find Victoria dedicating her free time to working out, indulging in shopping excursions, or simply enjoying the company of family and friends.

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