Vincenzo Guzzo (Journalist)

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Vincenzo Guzzo, a dynamic entertainment mogul, has made a significant impact on the Canadian movie landscape while embodying the Canadian Dream. Born to Italian immigrants, he always believed in his ability to transform his father’s small theater business into the colossal empire it is today, armed with law and business degrees.

In 1998, Vincenzo took a bold step by suing Canada’s largest movie competition, championing equal opportunity for smaller players to showcase first-run releases. His determination paid off as he emerged victorious in the legal battle, securing a foothold for the little guy in the industry. Two decades later, Vincenzo proudly serves as the President and CEO of Cinemas Guzzo, holding the esteemed position of the number one operator in Quebec and the third-largest movie exhibitor in Canada. His chain boasts an impressive 141 screens, including 9 IMAX cinemas, with 10 locations and plans for three more to open later in the year. Size and scale are of utmost importance to Cinemas Guzzo, a testament to Vincenzo’s ambition.

Seizing opportunities has been a hallmark of Vincenzo’s career, and while building his multiplexes, he had another vision—creating opportunities for himself. All Cinemas Guzzo locations were constructed by another Guzzo-owned entity, Le Groupe Guzzo Construction Inc., which has become one of Quebec’s most successful general contracting firms.

More recently, Vincenzo expanded his operations once again, venturing into the realm of restaurants. He established a chain of trendy Italian pork sandwich venues known as Porchetta and two successful fine-dining establishments, with a third slated to open in the summer of 2018. Notably, Vincenzo’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to selling his Porchetta sandwiches (alongside movie passes) directly to consumers through Costco locations.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Vincenzo has nurtured his family life, proudly embracing the role of a loving father to five children. Together with his wife Maria, he is renowned for his philanthropic efforts, generously supporting various hospitals and establishing the Guzzo Family Foundation in 2007. The foundation is dedicated to aggressive investments in Cancer Nano research at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital and McGill University. Vincenzo’s contributions have garnered international recognition, as evidenced by his receipt of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, knighthood by the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and distinguished membership in the Order of Malta.

Having made a resounding impact on the movie industry and the corporate world, Vincenzo Guzzo eagerly anticipates his next challenge as he sets his sights on the Den, promising that Canada will hear much more from him in the future.

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