Walt Zwirko (Journalist)

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Walt Zwirko, the digital content manager at KTEN, plays a crucial role in curating and overseeing the content you encounter on KTEN.com and their social media platforms.

Walt’s journey in the digital realm dates back to 1995 when he established WFAA.com, which soon evolved into one of the foremost news and information hubs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His dedication to this venture continued until his retirement in April 2016.

This Butler University graduate initiated his career as a reporter-photographer at WLWI in Indianapolis in 1975, a time when stories were captured on film. His career path led him to produce daily television newscasts at various stations, including WLWI (later WTHR); KUTV in Salt Lake City; KDFW in Dallas; and a remarkable tenure of nearly 32 years at WFAA.

During his time at WFAA, Walt not only produced top-rated newscasts but also managed the station’s newsroom computer network. He has a wealth of experience covering breaking news events, ranging from national political conventions to tornadoes. Among his notable assignments are his extended coverage of the 1993 Branch Davidian siege near Waco, Texas, and the heartwarming 1986 rescue of baby Jessica McClure in Midland.

Walt’s expertise extended into the realm of technology, where he hosted and produced the weekly Computer Corner technology news segment on WFAA for over 15 years. Some of these original segments can now be accessed through the Computer Corner Digital History Project website.

His remarkable contributions have been recognized with numerous honors, including a Lone Star Emmy for breaking news coverage online, two Regional Edward R. Murrow awards for WFAA.com, and the distinction of Indiana Newsfilm Photographer of the Year from the Indiana News Photographers Association.

Walt calls Pilot Point, Texas, home, situated on the southern edge of KTEN’s extensive Texoma coverage area. If you wish to get in touch with him or share insights, you can reach Walt Zwirko at wzwirko@kten.com. His dedication to digital content management and his rich background in journalism make him an invaluable asset to KTEN.

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