Wendy Nations (Journalist)

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Wendy Howell-Nations is indeed her real name, and she takes great pride in her Memphis roots and her strong connection to the Mid-South community, particularly with the “station on the river.”

Her family history is intertwined with the news business, as her grandfather was the original architect of the former newsroom studio, giving her a deep-seated affinity for the industry.

Wendy is far from being a shrinking violet. She has a diverse background that includes owning her own children’s clothing line, dedicating over 18 years to the field of meteorology, and obtaining certifications as a running coach, yoga and Pilates instructor. On top of that, she’s ventured into learning to play the ukulele and is actively acquiring American Sign Language (ASL) skills during her free time.

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Wendy regards raising her two children as her most significant achievement. She holds high regard for her colleagues, including Tim Simpson, Jim Jaggers, and Todd Demers, who are among the most trusted meteorologists in the MidSouth. Being part of this esteemed team is a responsibility she takes very seriously, and she expresses gratitude for their kindness, encouragement, and support.

Wendy Howell-Nations is not only a multi-talented individual but also a dedicated member of the Mid-South community, and she values her role as a meteorologist and contributor to the trusted team of weather experts at the station on the river.

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