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Brenda Argueta: Realtime Editor Delivering Timely News in Colorado

Brenda Argueta is a dedicated Realtime Editor at KOAA News5, committed to bringing timely and accurate news to the people of Colorado. She plays a crucial role in keeping the community informed with up-to-the-minute updates on current events.

In her role, Brenda focuses on telling stories as they unfold, ensuring that viewers receive the latest news in real-time. If you’ve ever come across KOAA News5’s “5 Things You Need To Know” stories during the workweek, it’s Brenda who’s behind the scenes, diligently working on each one. Her efforts are instrumental in providing essential news that keeps the community informed before they start their day.

Since her arrival in the Pikes Peak region, Brenda has worked on a diverse array of stories, but some have left a lasting impact. She notably covered Patrick Frazee’s capital murder trial and closely followed the Gannon Stauch homicide case, demonstrating her commitment to being a part of the breaking news process and delivering crucial information to the residents of southern Colorado.

Originally hailing from Florida, Brenda’s journey led her to the Centennial State shortly after graduating from the University of Central Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Her love for Colorado began in 2012 during her first visit to the state, and she harbored a deep desire to call it home ever since.

Brenda’s passion for journalism was ignited during her final two years in college when she gained experience in various newsrooms, spanning radio, television, and newspapers. She discovered her love for journalism in its ability to create an impact and serve a community, regardless of the medium.

Outside of her professional commitments, Brenda enjoys exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado through hiking and outdoor adventures. She’s also an avid consumer of TV shows and movies, nurtures her T.J. Maxx obsession, and has a knack for uncovering unique vinyl records in thrift shops.

If you wish to get in touch with Brenda, you can contact her via email at Additionally, you can connect with her on Twitter to stay updated on her latest news updates and insights.

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