Lisa D’Souza (Journalist)

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Lisa D’Souza is not just a reporter; she’s a passionate advocate for the power of journalism, with a particular penchant for stories that empower communities to make positive changes.

While in New York, Lisa’s reporting took her to the heart of Times Square during the 2014 Gaza-Israel conflict, demonstrating her dedication to covering significant and impactful events. Her journalistic curiosity extends to city and state politics, where she conducts exclusive interviews with key leaders in New York and Kansas. Lisa’s reporting during the 2012 presidential election gained national attention through PBS’ “Washington Week.”

Lisa’s roots lie in the Midwest, specifically Wichita, Kansas, and she proudly embraces her Jayhawk heritage as a graduate of the University of Kansas. During her time at KU, she used her summers wisely, interning at Viacom, where she absorbed valuable insights into the evolving landscape of journalism.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Lisa is an outdoor enthusiast. She’s a budding climber, and her love for activities like skiing, hiking, and camping is complemented by her trusty companion, a three-year-old Labrador named Larry.

Lisa is not just a reporter; she’s a member of the community, and she welcomes interactions with those she serves. If you happen to cross paths with Lisa, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and say hello. You can also reach out to her via email at Her dedication to journalism and her genuine passion for connecting with people shine through in her role as a reporter in Colorado.

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