Wade Hampton (Journalist)

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Wade Hampton joined the KPLC 7Stormteam in August of 2005, bringing a wealth of meteorological expertise to the team. Hailing from the chillier climes of Wyoming, where he served as the Chief Meteorologist for the NBC affiliate KCWY in Casper, Wade made a significant move to the warmth of Southwest Louisiana. His roots trace back to Arcadia, Florida, situated inland south of Tampa, which exposed him to the familiar embrace of heat and humidity that characterizes this region.

Wade’s fascination with meteorology, particularly hurricanes, was sparked by the unforgettable events of the extraordinary 2004 hurricane season, during which Hurricane Charley made a direct impact on his hometown. This experience ignited his passion for delivering the most comprehensive storm coverage to Southwest Louisiana, should the need arise. However, like all members of the 7Stormteam, he earnestly hopes that the region never faces another hurricane. Fingers are crossed for that.

Wade’s journey towards becoming a TV meteorologist began in elementary school, inspired by local weather forecasts, especially those by Roy Leep at WTVT in Tampa. Growing up in Southwest Florida, he was no stranger to the daily occurrence of sea breeze thunderstorms, whether from the east coast or west coast. These frequent thunderstorms fueled his love for weather reporting on WTVT.

His educational foundation in meteorology was laid at Florida State University in Tallahassee, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology. In addition to his meteorology studies, he pursued minors in Math and Physics. Wade kickstarted his career with internships at the FOX affiliate in Tampa, WTVT, and the CBS affiliate, WCTV, in Tallahassee. Working at WTVT held special significance for him, as it allowed him to be part of the station he had grown up watching.

During his time at FSU, Wade co-founded “FSU Weather,” a student-run live weather show featuring multiple student meteorologists delivering weather segments. This experience further honed his meteorological skills.

For Wade, joining the KPLC team meant being closer to home, where he has a twin brother and sister. His sister, Sheri, aspires to be a lawyer, and his brother, Steven, aims to work as an electrical lineman for a power company in Florida. His father, Chuck, runs his own auto repair business, where Wade lent a hand before heading to FSU. His mother is dedicated to her role as a school bus driver and teaching assistant at a school for disabled children, a role she cherishes.

In his leisure moments, Wade indulges in hunting and fishing, relishing the opportunity that Southwest Louisiana provides for outdoor activities. He’s a fervent football fan, ardently supporting his FSU Seminoles and the Miami Dolphins. History holds a special place in his heart, particularly the Civil War era, and he enjoys reading and delving into historical research. Wade’s own family history is a subject of intrigue for him, and he continues to explore his genealogical heritage with enthusiasm.

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