Tracy Felty (Journalist)

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Tracy Felty returned to the WEVV Storm Team 44 in June 2015, assuming the role of a Meteorologist. Notably, he had previously served as the weekend Meteorologist at WEVV in the late 1990s.

Originally hailing from Shawneetown, Illinois, Tracy’s fascination with meteorology can be traced back to his formative years, watching esteemed Evansville meteorologists like Marcia Yockey, Lloyd Lindsay Young, and Mike Maguire. His interest in weather deepened as he experienced significant events like the blizzards of ’78 and ’79 and the Marion, Illinois tornado in 1980.

Tracy’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Southern Illinois University, and a Master’s Degree in Science from Mississippi State University. During his educational journey, he also interned at the National Weather Service in Evansville, while attending the University of Southern Indiana.

His career as a meteorologist has taken him to various locations, including Columbus, Mississippi, Evansville, Indiana, Terre Haute, Indiana, and Harrisburg, Illinois. Tracy’s versatility is evident in his roles as a reporter and photographer for publications such as the Madisonville Messenger Newspaper, Harrisburg Daily Register Newspaper, Gallatin County Democrat Newspaper, and the Evansville Courier Newspaper.

Beyond his professional commitments, Tracy is an active member of the Shawneetown Fire Department. His dedication to the field of meteorology has also led him to travel extensively across the country, documenting the impacts of an EF-4 tornado that struck Saline-Gallatin Counties on Leap Day 2012, among other endeavors.

Tracy’s journey is a testament to his determination and passion for meteorology. He hopes to inspire others, particularly those watching, to pursue their own aspirations and goals.

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